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Documents on the current crisis in Argentina

ITO and MRFI Documents:

Whither the PDS? - Nick Brauns and Johannes Schneider, ITO Germany, (Nov 2001)
"The unthinkable happened: since January 2002 the Party of Democratic Socialism, the former east German Party of Socialist Unity, governs in a coalition with the Social Democrats the municipal government of Berlin, the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany. At first glance this seems to be a great leap to the left in German politics. In reality nothing is more wrong than this. The socialdemocratic-socialist city government will force deep social cuts and austerity politics that will be more radical than everything that happened in the last years under the big coalition of christian democrats together with social democrats." Read more...
Declaration of the Coordination Committee of the Movement for the Refounding of the 4th International on the Afghan War (Rome, November 4th, 2001)
"Afghanistan, one of the poorest countries of the world has been the target of around the clock bombing by the allied forces of American and British imperialism. Thousands of people have been killed and many more wounded. The bombing has raised the numbers of the refugees in neighboring countries from 1.5 million to 2.7 million and, if the attacks continue during the winter this figure can be raised to around 6.5 million people, that is, about half the population of Afghanistan. Many refugees will die from starvation this winter if the war will continue." Read more... In Russian In Ukrainian
No war! - Trotskyist League/US Flyer (September 21, 2001)
"No restrictions on civil liberties! No repression of dissent! No attacks on Arab Americans and other immigrants! The September 11 terrorist attacks that killed more than 6,000 people, most of them civilians, most of them workers, sent waves of shock, grief, and anger across the country. Millions of people had or feared they had family or friends among the victims." Read more...
Genoa and After: A Reflection on the Development of the Movement - Marco Ferrando (July 27th 2001)
"The political impact of the days of Genoa has been and is remarkable. The Berlusconi government comes out badly from the circumstance of G8. The same Berlusconi and above all his FIAT minister Renato Ruggiero had sought in his time a channel of "dialogue" with the GSF with the aim of guaranteeing a peaceful governability of the G8 event and a consequent success of image of the Executive on the domestic and international plane." Read more...
Genoa leaflet of the Movement for the Refounding of the Fourth International (English).
"The G8 summit in Genoa is held at a moment of great unpopularity of meetings of supernational organizations like the G8, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, etc., the numerous "internationals" of the capitalists. This time the G8 Summit takes place in a period where NATO puts again the Balkans in flames, Zionism is confronted with the heroic Palestinian popular Intifada, and the world capitalist crisis is aggravated profoundly with the slowdown of the US economy. Read more... In Italian In Spanish
The United States: After Seattle (June, 2001)
"The political situation in the US, as in most other countries these days, is complex and contradictory. After nine years of expansion, the US economy is faltering and on the brink of a recession. After eight years of Bill Clinton's "I feel your pain" rhetoric and neoliberal policies, the US ruling class, with George Bush Jr., is aligning its rhetoric with its policies and attempting to make the latter more consistent. Workers, blacks, Latinos, and youth are the most combative they've been since the early 1980s, but they haven't yet overcome the effects of twenty years of retreat, let alone the political confusion and class-collaborationist leadership that led to the retreat." Read more...

ITO Theses on Palestine (March, 2001)
"Jewish immigration to Palestine in the last century was an operation of a colonial character. The constitution of Israel was the birth of a colonial state of a 'settler' type: based, that is, on the expulsion of the indigenous population to make room for the 'colonists' brought by massive immigration, rather than on its superexploitation by the colonial power and a narrow colonial 'elite' (a phenomenon analogous to that of the English colonies of North America, Ulster, the original Boer colonies of the South Africa, etc.). In no way, therefore, can the constitution of the state of Israel be seen as a legitimate expression of 'self-determination of the Jewish people'. It happened with the oppression of the Palestinian Arab people, dispossessed and driven from their land." Read more...

Lessons of the Brazilian Workers' Party

Revolutionary Perspectives at the End of the Twentieth Century

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For a Communist Project (Italy)

Communist Project Motion to the PRC National Political Committee.

A Balance Sheet of the SLP Experience

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