Fiddling At The Irish Repertory Theater
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Each performance by Bob Green weaves together the musical strands of 30 years playing strings. With traditional musics of the Americas and Europe as a foundation, Bob's interests and experience also include Jazz and Pop music.

He has performed, recorded and taught on mandolin, fiddle, guitar and bass in a wide range of settings, including Musical Theater, Bluegrass/Country, Klezmer and Irish bands.

New York Mandolin Ensemble NY Mandolin Ensemble New York Mandolin Orchestra NY Mandolin Orchestra The Bluegrass Conspiracy The Bluegrass Conspiracy
Los Tres Brazos, Dominican Republic Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic local oud player borrows Saul's guitar to jam in Gaza City Gaza City, PNA New Yorker Magazine The New Yorker Magazine

- Bob Green: Bob Green
- Frank McCourt: The Irish and How They Got That Way
- Akira Satake: Cooler Heads Prevail
- Michal Shapiro: Full Flower.
- Orrin Star: Sultans Live
- Lisa Asher: Let The Mystery Be.
- Tom Eaton: Pick 3.
- Bob Green: Bluegrass and Other Traditional Music.
Bluegrass Unlimited
"Bob Green is a tremendously talented multi-instrumentalist whose new self-titled recording raises the bar for eclectic string musicians" (Full Text Of Review)
Audio Magazine
"... an incredibly versatile mandolinist whose mastery of a number of styles is matched by his infectious enthusiasm"
Talkin' Broadway
"the music, composed by Bob Green, ... never fails to elevate Too Rustic! to it's highest points ."
Sing Out
"Sideman's day in the spotlight ... Center stage looks good on Green" (Full Text Of Review)
Victory Review
"Delightful, Personal, Utterly Unpretentious"
Rhythm Magazine
"She is backed by a team of empathetic professionals, most notably mandolin virtuoso Bob Green." (Mikhal: Full Flower)
Laurie Lewis
"... it all works together, even though they're all over the map (or, at least FROM all over the map)."
Detroit Free Press
"Fiddler Bob Green and Pianist Mark Hartman give the show a spark ..."
Irish Echo
"Once again, Bob Green demonstrates his versatility ... "
Rockzilla World Magazine
" .... fiddle better than any since FM came onto the scene" (full text of review of Orville Davis' "BarnBurner")
Fortune Cookie
"You will attract cultured and artistic people to your home"

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